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It’s taken a long time for us to put these pages together, too long. There has been the move from a printed magazine (with the website) that survived for 150 issues to the full-blown site that was really only finished in March of 2011. Even now we are upgrading and refining the site every week.

The transition from magazine to website, newsletter and blogs and the various social media outlets requires quite a giant leap in understanding. As a small company we don’t have the luxury of in-house experts and we have to learn from books, experimentation or from information that readers pass on.

But that’s a fun thing, not a chore! Learning how all these systems function and how they inter-relate is exciting, even when we get it wrong. It’s part of the publishing deal we undertook when we started in 1994.

We expect to publish many blogs in this section garnered from around the world. This will give us a rounded insight into how different peoples view the same or similar therapies or subjects.

If you would like to be part of this group with either an established or a new blog, send us a message in the reply box below. Or get in touch through the Contact page on the main site.

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