More About Dirty Medicine The Handbook

It is fitting that I have been reading this book in parallel with revelations about the Rupert Murdoch News of the World / News International phone voicemail interception / hacking scandal which has riveted much of the UK, and to some extent the USA. The exposes have revealed murky, entangled webs enveloping politics, print media, broadcasting and which has spread to the police, involving corruption among many previously respected professionals. The sums of money involved, the wining and dining, the political patronage and how social networking sites can overturn super injunctions protecting rich sportspeople and celebrities have all created a firestorm revealing the public’s insatiable thirst for gossip and the no-limit means to satisfy it used by journalists and proprietors. Continue reading

Dirty Medicine The Handbook by Martin Walker

Publishing Positive HealthPH Online has wiped out virtually all my time. Is this the prelude to burnout, or have I been in that state where work overwhelms my life?

Don’t know the answer, but undoubtedly will discover in due course. I have listened to interviews of several high profile editors and spoken with very well known publishers who have remarked that publishing has taken over their life or virtually bankrupted them, so I am familiar with that sentiment. Quite a number of individuals and organizations presently are teeter tottering along the plank to insolvency in various degrees. In fact just about the whole of the UK, Europe and perhaps the USA are in similar dire straits. Except of course for those rich with cash.

I have received copies of Martin Walker’s latest epic Dirty Medicine The Handbook, which is the latest strand in a long line of titles dealing with the nefarious side of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry and its political connections and cliques. I was fairly centrally involved and featured in Martin Walker’s first book in this area Dirty Medicine and in fact proof read the book at a time after the organic germanium tabloid debacle when it was banned on spurious grounds to prevent it being trialled for potential efficacy for HIV / AIDs. Continue reading

Radionics, it’s a load of Baloney!

About a year ago we had a very mini cyber attack about an article on Radionics published in issue 43 of I say attack, but this is an overstatement simply because I wanted to write about it. It was, in fact, a series of comments made by the same person using different names, sometimes male sometimes female. The writer thought it a load of nonsense and kept telling us in so many different ways.

As has been said by others, “Radionics, it’s a load of Baloney!” and I tend to agree, except… Continue reading