kali_puja_yoga_energyOn Tuesday, September 27th is the beginning of Navaratri or Navratri (the Nine Nights or Nine Moons) celebrating the Supreme Cosmic Power in the form of the Female Energy or Shakti. Festivities take place for nine nights and 10 days throughout the world with different regions following their own customs.

According to the Vedic philosophy, the Navaratri celebration is especially important at this time Continue reading


It has been said that creating a daily routine (dinacarya) is one of the best ways to ground our selves. There have also been studies that say doing some sort of movement in the morning can help us lose weight and maintain clarity of mind. These two facts give us a good reason to build a daily routine.  Deepak Chopra tells his clients to RPM. Continue reading

When is a fact not a fact?

Once upon a time I used to read books, more so than in recent years. I was always pleased to see reference notes, lots of them, it seemed to add a degree of authenticity and I assumed they were there to prove and verify a point.

Then in the mid 90s when I started Positive Health magazine with Sandra Goodman they took on new meaning. We had, and still have, a monthly update of anything from 20 or more health updates published on the website. I thought this was great! Continue reading

Yoga Energy’s Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a science so old and yet so contemporary... So mystical and yet so scientific... So distant and yet so intimate... So simple and yet so complex...

Today, we would like to explore the framework of Ayurveda, the three doshas and their relationship to the Nine Planets (the framework of Jyotish). Most people know about doshas through online tests. Doshas are often used as labels for classifications of body types. But what is truly a dosha? Continue reading