Organizing Time: Update since Last Blog

Despite thinking every day about really juicy items to post on this blog, this is lamentably the first blog in 2012. How pathetic is that you may ask!!

Well, you know the old adage, excuses, excuses, excuses. Autumn Oct-Dec 2011 was justifiably taken up with my partner and webmaster Mike’s hernia operation in October, and the complications ensuing which resulted in kidney failure due to urological problems caused by his enlarged prostate. The TURP surgery in Dec was eventually successful and by the first few months in 2012, Mike was right as rain.

I have been reading various lengthy cancer books to review and blog about, and haven’t yet had the time to complete these. But I will very soon.

The reality of life, as most of PH Online readers will recognize, is that the multitude of tasks involved in publishing a monthly magazine, with articles, research, press releases, book reviews, a variety of advertisements, social media – Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In – both for me personally as well as for PH,  has meant that the time to work on my personal and PH blogs has never materialized until late at night, when I am too tired to write them.

I speak with many, many people involved in running practices, courses, selling products and putting on workshops, and I recognize that most are similarly running around trying to squeeze 30 hours out of each day. The difficulties facing just about every small business today and the scarcity of funds means that hiring additional staff, renting premises, purchasing all the paraphernalia, committing to phone/ broadband contracts is not usually a viable option. Especially during the past few years when all businesses have had to cut costs in order to survive.

However, here we are, about to publish Issue 195 of Positive Health PH Online. As the saying goes, we are leaner in all aspects of our operation. All we need to really grow the money is advertising expansion internationally, either through partners in varying countries or investors with the infrastructure to realize how international PH actually is.

My latest venture to make my life easier is to unsubscribe from numerous emails I receive daily. It is staggering that if I leave my office for even 30 minutes there are generally 30-50 emails waiting upon my return. For the past few days, although this is taking a bit of extra time, I am clicking on the unsubscribe link, hoping that this will result in me having to spend less time deleting all the unnecessary emails from my inbox.

Hopefully my next blog won’t have such a large gap.