Frustrating Lack of Progress to Integrated Treatments

While reminiscing about a talk given in 1997, I re-discovered some very revealing images of the current no-Entry Model to alternative therapies, and one with my more idealized recommended model:

We will soon be starting production with Positive Health PH Online Issue 214 with an editorial feature Integrative Healing – Practical Guide to Professionalism which will include an image showing a model of CAM therapies from the NCCAM (National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine). However even this recent model falls short, in my view, of a truly Integrated Medical System – a combined, equal partnership between conventional medical and alternative / complementary treatment model.

Do I feel that the past 25 years of publishing and researching research and clinical progress have been in vain? Not yet, as sometimes progress doesn’t happen in gradually – it suddenly jumps into the present and takes over from then on.

So hopefully we can live in hope.