Websites Allergic to Providing Email Addresses – How I Detest Contact Forms

Here I am, just 2 days prior to the live publication of Positive Health PH Online Issue 224 on 6 August. One of the tasks I always do prior to publication is to produce an email to be sent to all authors of articles and letters, originators of press releases used in the Brief Takes and Short Features.

Being a generous and conscientious soul (or maybe it should be sole, as I feel stepped on), I search through the tremendous pile of paperwork from the Articles, Letters, Short Features and Brief Takes to create the email to be sent out the day of publication.

However this task is incredibly tedious, and searching for perhaps 50-75 email addresses which may not appear on the published item is not for the faint-hearted.

What infuriates me at this time, when under severe pressure, and at many other times when searching for the email address of a person or organization, is to discover that the relevant website publishes their street address, telephone number and a zillion other details about their organization / people, but NO EMAIL ADDRESS – JUST A CONTACT FORM.

This practice appears to be standard practice across the internet – a plague / allergy against emails. Now as someone who is the recipient of mountains of spam, another current-day plague – I realize that internet engineers prefer to create a form rather than supply an email address as a measure to counter spam email.

But as a serious person who genuinely uses email to contact and correspond with myriads of authors, practitioners, companies, advertisers, in fact the entire universe, I plead with the un-understanding universe to please reverse this insane practice of substituting forms for email addresses.