Positive Health Online, launched in 1996 and published from Ramsgate, Kent, UK, is one of the world’s foremost magazine websites devoted to all aspects of complementary medicine – Aromatherapy, Massage, Bodywork, Mind, Meditation, Healing, Nutrition, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Yoga to name just a few of the disciplines covered. Positive Health’s substantial award-winning internet site at www.positivehealth.com contains more than 7,000 pages of articles, links, research as well as book reviews, events listings, educational resource, products and practitioner listings.

The Editor and co-founder (along with Mike Howell), Dr Sandra Goodman (native of Montreal, Canada, and UK citizen and resident for the past 20 years) is originally a molecular biology scientist. She set up the Bristol Cancer Help Centre Nutrition and Cancer database in 1993 and is the author of numerous articles and 4 books on nutrition, including Germanium, Vitamin C, Nutrition and Cancer and one co-authored with Dr Rosy Daniel, Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

The idea for Positive Health was born from the frustration of constantly hearing the infuriating assertion that there is no research about complementary medicine. Having trawled through some 10,000 published research articles about cancer and nutrition alone, just in the past decade, convinced Dr Goodman that there is a multitude of research which is being published, but which is not being communicated to a wider audience of interested people who wish to protect their health by knowing the facts. Positive Health was set up in an attempt to fill this imponderable information gap.

What sets Positive Health apart from others is the depth of information provided to readers and its research-based editorial content. This appeals particularly to people who are seriously committed to their health and who wish to read detailed and professionally authored articles spanning a wide array of complementary therapies. There is an entire section of recently published research featured each month, expert columns on Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Healing, Mind/Body, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Homoeopathy, Nutrition and Bodywork, as well as a Educational Resource listing of Training Institutes providing courses in complementary therapies, and a listing for Complementary Practitioners.

After PH Sept Issue 150 had been printed, we decided to suspend the print version of PH for the present and focus upon PH Online, with its interactive technology, greater audience, larger number of online subscribers and ability to provide superior presentation of adverts at more affordable prices.

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