Weight Loss, PH Storyboards, New Home Page

Still making progress on my monotonous yet strict weight loss regimen. I am quietly thrilled with the results; however having lost about 2.5 stone (35 lbs) and 2 sizes smaller in trousers, tops, even bra size, because I am only 5 ft tall, I am still classified as overweight according to the bmi tables, which only compute height and weight, not muscle. So I continue on and hope to lose another stone and a bit, although at the rate I am losing weight, it is likely to take some time.

My regime is not dramatic; I have mainly cut down on certain things, i.e. 1 slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast with poached egg, only 1 slice of bread with lunch of soup or avocado or tuna with salad. I also have only about 1/2 glass of juice in the morning, and only 1/2 glass of wine with dinner, which is still much the same as always. I don’t have any cakes, muffins, scones, i.e. all the goodies I really liked. Will power is something I am not short of and I am very resolute in not straying from my path. I realize that the result I want each week is to see a downward trend in the weight and am not willing to sacrifice this result for the transient pleasure of a meal or dessert.

My partner who also lost a considerable amount of weight last year, has a totally different psychological makeup to me: he is much more extreme, doing drastic things such as totally cutting out bread and potatoes, eating pilchards for breakfast, even doing limited fasting, eating berries only in the day. But, faced with a family occasion, he falls off the regime totally, drinking lots of wine and indulging in chips and puddings. Well, each to his and her own.

Positive Health PH Online finally, after months of delay and struggle with IT engineers, unveiled our new Home Page. I must announce that this was not my design; the idea of swapping my beloved animated skyscraper adverts on the Home Page for thumbnails of Listings and adverts never crossed my mind. The upgrade has been a massive re-design; all the elements of PH – Front Cover, Articles in Current Issue, Book Reviews – are there; as well are displays of several Course, Events, Products, Clinics and Therapist Listings, which refresh about every 90 seconds. Also displaying are the Animated Topic Banners and Promote Yourself (PY) ads, which also display alongside the slides of the Storyboards.

This last development – the Storyboards – has been to me the most profound revelation of what PH Online has published over almost 20 years. The slides – in pink, blue, light yellow and red – rotate over the line – Click to Open Storyboard List. The List – a selection of topics ranging from colon health, dentistry, sleep, cfs-me, dietary choices, women’s health, meditation, environmental and others – enables readers to select from a drop-down menu and view introduction colour slides for articles, as well as a link to the original article.

Despite that I am one of the Founders of PH, have been the Editor since the beginning of PH and have commissioned and edited all the articles on the site, I have found it inspiring to view the storyboards and realize what an amazing and timeless archive of information spanning the complete spectrum of complementary medicine. The Storyboards merely provide a snapshot of the content of PH Online; however they make the articles more accessible to readers who may be daunted with a subject menu of about 150 topics. I am well pleased with the result and the readers have gone up significantly.

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